Coordinated Distributed Decision Making on Social Influence Networks

Theme issue ‘Varieties of abstract concepts: development, use and representation in the brain’ compiled and edited by Anna M. Borghi, Laura Barca, Ferdinand Binkofski and Luca Tummolini

This theme brings together developmental, social and cognitive psychologists, linguists, anthropologists, cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, philosophers, computer scientists and roboticists, to present theoretical insights and novel evidence on how abstract concepts are acquired, used and represented in the brain.

Mirror Worlds as Agent Societies Situated in Mixed Reality Environments

Trace signals: The meanings of stigmergy

``Exhibitionists″ and ``voyeurs″ do it better: A shared environment for flexible coordination with tacit messages

The prescriptive destiny of predictive attitudes: From expectations to norms via conventions

iTutor: A wireless and multimodal support to industrial maintenance activities